Massage uPAD
I invented the MASSAGE uPAD to provide a means of giving a quality massage - without massage oils or creams. On bare skin or over clothing, the uPAD's value allows you to better perform "do-it-yourself" or self-massage" techniques.

Massage Therapists use oils on the bare skin to help ensure a smooth frictionless movement to enhance massage quality. However, the use of oil isn't always convenient and practical and can only be used on the bare skin. Some people may be allergic, have sensitive skin, and wish to avoid the mess of the oils.

The uPAD accomplishes this same quality massage on the bare skin or on parts of the body covered with clothing--without oil. For example, the uPAD makes it easier and more convenient to experience a quality massage on your face or scalp without oils or on your back or feet without removing your shirt or socks.

Two sizes of the uPAD are offered in this pacakage. The smaller uPAD may be used to massage your hands or face while larger uPAD may be used on the shoulder or lower back. Both sizes are easily transportable. So, whether in your office, car, home, boat, or on vacation, you can perform self-massage easily with the uPAD.

This massage uPAD presents a touch that may help in the healing of many medical conditions. This is why I call it, "Massage uPAD, the healthy touch."

Don A. Perry, Inventor

  • Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the above written presentation, however; this is for informational purposes only and should not replace input from your doctor or other professionals.
  • Sanitizing this uPAD is made easy by using a HAND SANITIZER from your local drug store. This sanitizer product usually claims to kill 99.99% of germs.
  • Avoid allowing infants to play with or chew on the uPAD
  • Do not microwave this uPAD.
  • This uPAD may be put in the freezer for cooling purposes.

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