Perry Torch
Perry Products introduces an all new, totally permanent torch. The Perry Torch is an outdoor torch which provides beautiful landscape lighting. You will enjoy your Perry Torch year round, for many years to come - on a still summer night, during an outdoor barbecue, and even during a white winter snow. The soft illumination of the Perry Torch provides a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. And, unlike your floodlights and yard lights, the Perry Torch repels insects.

You can install your Perry Torch yourself. It's quite simple. Everything you need is included in the Perry Torch kit except for the post and torch fuel. You can find both at your local home improvement store. Just ask for a chain link fence terminal post (2 3/8" O.D.)

-Repells Insects

-Permanent Torch

-Simple To Install and Maintain

-Easy To Light and Extinguish Flame

-Refillable Canister Burns Up To 12 Hours

-Quality Product Designed To Withstand Outside Elements

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