Welcome to the Perry Products eStore. Our eStore features a wide variety of the popular Perry Suspenders, as well as the new Perry Torch Kit. All items can be purchased on this site, through a secure server.

Perry Suspenders feature the patented Perry Hook, illustrated to the left, in place of clips or buttons. Unlike conventional suspenders, which are notorious for popping off, Perry Suspenders will not come off until you take them off. Click on the Perry Suspenders button on the left to see the impressive selection of suspenders that we have to offer.

The Perry Torch is the world's first totally permanent torch. If you have purchased Tiki torches in the past, you really must take a moment to look at the Perry Torch. Just click on the Perry Torch button on the left to get started.

The Massage uPad is our newest product. The Massage uPad enables you to perform a quality massage over your clothing or on bare skin without the use of massage oils.The uPad is designed to concentrate on your neck, feet, shoulders, knees, scalp, and other limited areas or single parts of your body. Click on the Massage uPad button on the left to get more information or to order.

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